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Nerve Entrapment Guide

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Shoulder / Arm / Hand Problems
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Ulnar Neuropathy Radial Neuropathy
  • Dropping objects
  • Numbness tingling, hand/wrist Thumb, Index, Middle finger
  • Symptoms primarily at night
  • Patient wakes up and shake their hands
  • Frequently both hands
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  • Weak hand, difficulty turning keys, ignition, doorknobs
  • Numbness/tingling fourth, fifth fingers
  • Wasting of the hand muscles
  • Occasional elbow soreness
  • Frequently on both sides
  • more...
  • Wrist drop, Patient unable to extend wrist or fingers up
  • Almost always on one side
  • No associated pain
  • Occasional forearm/hand/thumb numbness
  • No night/day preference
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Thigh / Leg / Foot Problems
Peroneal Neuropathy Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome Meralgia Paresthetica
  • Foot drop, Patient unable to pull foot or toes up
  • Usually unilateral, could be bilateral
  • No associated pain
  • Main complaint is tripping, falling, occasional leg/top of foot numbness
  • Symptoms always present, no night/day preference
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  • Foot, Ankle, Sole pain/burning and aching, worse at night
  • Occasional numbness/tingling sole of foot
  • No muscle weakness
  • Usually unilateral
  • Difficulty walking because of pain and discomfort with shoes
  • Positive Tinel sign behind the medial malleolous
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  • Pain, burning in the thigh
  • Poor tolerance to touch, clothes, cover or anything that rubs against thigh (children sitting on lap of mothers or fathers)
  • No thigh or leg weakness or atrophy
  • Usually unilateral
  • Symptoms always present, no night/day preference
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