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The Full Fledged Two-Channel

Two days of live training included!

Get Started Now For Under $200/Month*

Start your first payment today and get a Focus EMG machine and Windows 8 laptop delivered to your office in 7-10 business days - including Two Days of Live Training and support, plus all the electrodes, needles, and other supplies you'll need to get your practice going right away!

You will also have access to CloudEMG, TeleEMG’s state of the art cloud-based EMG analysis service.

Add EMG To Your Practice For Under $200/Month*
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Your EMG Starter Package Includes:

  1. Handheld Focus EMG Machine
    • FDA 510(k) approved as a two channel EMG machine (K102610)
    • Customers in over 30 countries
  2. Two day EMG Training Included!
    • Included two-day live virtual training with one of our technicians. You may also purchase any additional training sessions that your clinic needs.
  3. Ample Electrodes, DVDs, Training Manuals
    • You'll have plenty of supplies to get you started including surface & needle electrodes, instructional DVDs for both NCV and EMG testing. Also included are manuals, posters, gel, and rulers.
  4. Free Trial of CloudEMG Services Included
    • Free trial of CloudEMG, TeleEMG's state of the art cloud-based EMG analysis service, included with your purchase.
  5. Facetime© Support through iPad Mini
    • An iPad Mini (included with purchase) loaded with FaceTime is the next best thing to having an EMG tech present in your office whenever you need support or have questions regarding your device or performing NCV/EMG tests.

All this to get your EMG practice started for under $200/month*

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* Residency restrictions apply. Not available with some other offers. Some customers will not qualify. Because we do not have information about you or your actual credit rating, your payments may vary.


The data generated with the aid of TeleEMG's devices, software, and services is intended to be an aid to properly trained healthcare professionals. Interpretation of the data, the diagnosis of medical conditions, and the subsequent development of treatment plans must be performed by and are the sole responsibility of appropriately trained healthcare professionals. Such interpretations and decisions must be made in the context of other patient specific medical information.